A Pennsylvania Safe and Just for All Committee Application

The Pennsylvanian Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (PARSOL) is a nonprofit organization working toward a safe and just Pennsylvania for all. PARSOL promotes legislation that seeks to increase prevention of sexual abuse and protect the civil rights and effective rehabilitation of those who have offended. We are pleased to know that there are people like you who share the same ideals as us and want to make a difference in the Commonwealth. Please complete this form in its entirely. Everything on this application is confidential. We don't discriminate against anyone. Thank you!

What does an appointment to a PARSOL Committee entail?

An appointment to a Committee requires commitment to the cause and ideals espoused by our organization. PARSOL membership and attendance at committee meetings are required. The time will vary depending upon the specific Committee tasks you commit to doing. However, all Committee members are expected to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month.

These are working Committees on which each member contributes his or her time toward doing the actual work it takes to meet the goals of the organization and special projects.

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Have you volunteered with a nonprofit organizations before? If so, how has the previous organization benefited from your service or work?
Please share why you are interested in PARSOL.
What skills do you have to help PARSOL in it's mission?
Would you be willing to travel without compensation (e.g. to conferences, rallies, symposiums)?

PARSOL Committees

Education and Information Committee: Develop and collect comprehensive, accurate information and resources concerning issues related to sexual offense laws and policies in Pennsylvania for the purpose of distributing such information to all relevant stakeholders

Organizational Development Committee: The Organizational Growth Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining systems and supporting structures to enhance membership, fund raising, and volunteer recruitment and coordination.

Support Committee: The Support Committee is responsible for identifying potential resources related to housing, finance, employment, and social support that is available to persons on the registry. In addition, the Support Committee coordinates and promotes Fearless Groups, to encourage informational and emotional support among persons required to register and their family and friends.

Legislative Committee: Track legislation, compose letters to legislators, and connect with Pa. Legislators to help establish constitutional, effective sexual offense legislation in Pennsylvania.

Legal Committee: Track case law, research legal decisions, and establish relationships with attorneys to help fight against unconstitutional sexual offense laws in Pa. and throughout the U.S.

Nomination and Volunteer Committee: Help the Board and committees fill vacant seats by following PARSOL’s recruitment and nominating procedures.

Volunteer Agreement

I have read and agree with the mission, https://parsol.org/about-us, of PARSOL as stated on their website. I do not support, nor am I a member of, any organization that advocates or condones sexual activity between adults and children or any organization that promotes or condones illegal activity of any sort. I believe that the best way to stop sexual abuse of any kind is through effective legislation based on empirical research. Although I may not agree with all the laws that have been passed regarding public conviction registries, I agree to follow those laws until such time as they are changed. I understand that my service to PARSOL is completely voluntary and may be stopped at any time by either myself or PARSOL. I understand that I am a volunteer for PARSOL and agree not to present myself as an official representative of PARSOL, nor to speak on behalf of PARSOL, except when directly authorized by the Board of Directors of PARSOL.